Christian and Andy Biography

Christian and Andy have over 16 years experience in the advertising and communications industry. In that time they have garnered awards and achieved success for a wide spectrum of clients from multinational blue chip clients to independent start-ups.


Most recently Christian and Andy have worked at Havas, where they were the Creative Directors on Durex and Ella’s Kitchen. As well as Christian occupying the position of Head of Art.

On Durex they made the most watched youtube ad of 2015, with over 75 million views. In fact Google use it on their client presentations, holding it up as a prime example of how to engage a global audience. As well as that they oversaw numerous campaigns across a variety of different media , including an online STI  campaign that targeted 18-24 year woman and empowered them to protect themselves from disease and unwanted pregnancy by encouraging them to carry condoms (an area mired in stigma).

In Q3 Christian and Andy were drafted in to run Citroën, an account that had incurred two ‘red lights’ in the last two quarterly reviews, and as a result was going to be put up for pitch. Within 3 months the account had achieved a green light, and did at every stage under their guidance. Citroën’s UK business is predominantly digital, and highly results driven, however the C3 launch in 2017 beat the projected targets.

On the back of their success with Citroën, Christian were given PSA sister brand Peugeot to run, another account with a digital focus.

In April 2017 they were instrumental in Havas winning the Rolls Royce integrated account.

Christian and Andy also garnered awards for their Loveflutter work whilst at Havas.


At Lowe Christian and Andy were Creative Directors on NHS Blood Donations, Legoland, Thorpe Park, Microloan and Organix.

There they created the highly popular spot for the Trainline, which was directed by Si and Ad through Academy and was Pick of the Week in Campaign. As well as this, they made a spot for the NHS, which helped blood banks to become over-subscribed, saving lives over the vital Christmas period.

They also made visually arresting work for the RAF and Halfords.


Harvey Nichols, Volkswagen, FT and Budweiser were just a few of the many brands that Christian and Andy produced work for at DDB.

They relaunched the VW Beetle worldwide with their acclaimed spot Reincarnation, which was directed by Ivan Zacharias.

They produced a highly successful 360 value campaign for Volkswagen, which encompassed TV, online, press, poster and radio.

And their distinctive work for NABS won awards around the world.


RSPCA, Samaritans, BT, The Economist, Mars, Guinness and Walkers were just some of the clients Christian and Andy produced work for at AMV.

Their campaign for the RSPCA not only saved animals lives but garnered acclaim from the industry.

They had the good fortune to follow a long line of great heritage when they produced work for the famous white out of red Economist campaign.

And their work for the Department for Transport helped save lives by talking to clubbers in their language and on their level. This work was also recognised by the industry.


In their first job at Ogilvy, Christian and Andy had the good fortune of working under Nigel Roberts and Paul Belford, Mark Fairbanks and Vicki Maguire. Here they cut their teeth under some of the brightest minds advertising has to offer.